It Is Possible To Put A Value Or Price On Almost Anything,

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It is possible to put a value or price on almost anything, from a friendship to a box of cereal; but what about life? Some people may attempt to value life by recognizing the good deeds done in a lifetime while others determine life’s value by highlighting the wrongs. Of course it is possible for individuals to value life based on their own moral or logistical standpoints, but this does not account for the other billions of people that inhabit this planet. Although it may never cross the average person’s mind, everyone values life differently despite similarities or differences in character, morals, or religion, making it impossible to universally value life morally, but possible to place a monetary value on life through a series of…show more content…
Point being, it is impossible to come up with a value for a life that everyone will agree with, leaving it to personal opinion to determine how much one’s life is really worth. As an individual, it is possible to follow your moral codes in order to determine the value of a life, but it is most likely not going to affect other’s perceptions because everyone has their own point of view on this matter. Most people tend to value a life based on how close it parallels their beliefs and moral standpoints, making it an educated opinion rather than something that can be considered a fact. On the pessimistic side of this, some also look towards all the bad things that have happened in life in order to determine its value, which is seen in the extremely well-known play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare. In the play, Hamlet struggles to find the true meaning of his existence, and is confronted with the issue of having to determine the value of life before he kills his uncle. This is evident when looking at lines five through eight where Hamlet states, “To die, to sleep, No more, and by a sleep to say we end, The heartache, and the thousand natural shocks, That flesh is heir to.” It is apparent that Hamlet is having trouble evaluating the value of his life until he reaches a point where he begins to asses all of the wrongs that have plagued him, and whether not his
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