It Is Safe To Say That Social Media Has Enormously Impacted

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It is safe to say that social media has enormously impacted and changed today’s society. Relationships in the workplace, school, and personal lives have been re-defined and shaped so much so, that individuals can even share their everyday life with whomever they please with the simple click of a button. If social networking if performed correctly, it can be a great tool in helping an individual stay connected with the people in their lives, get a job, or keep up on local events around town. It is about the individual being aware and practicing safe online practices. If done in this matter it can build strong foundations for relationships and bring people closer together or help a new or existing business thrive. As helpful as social…show more content…
Does spending three hours a day on Twitter reading random tweets from strangers mean you 're addicted to Twitter? How about five hours? You could argue you were just reading headline news or needed to stay current in your field for work, right? Researchers at Chicago University concluded that social media addiction can be stronger than addiction to cigarettes and alcohol following an experiment in which they recorded the cravings of several hundred people for several weeks. Media cravings ranked ahead of cravings for cigarettes and alcohol. And at Harvard University, researchers hooked people up to functional MRI machines to scan their brains and see what happens when they talk about themselves, which is a key part of what people do in social media. They found that self-disclosure communication stimulates the brain 's pleasure centers much like sex and food do. From the formation of social media addiction, it causes us to spend more time communicating behind a keyboard then face to face. When we engage in face-to-face communication, verbal and non-nonverbal skills convey social information. Non-verbal communication is an important part of communicating and it includes facial expressions, eye contact, tone of voice as well as posture, space between individuals, etc. Understanding the non-verbal aspects of communication is crucial because social situations we need to modify our

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