It Is, To The Most Average Person Of These Times, Revolting

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It is, to the most average person of these times, revolting in the greatest to see, or even think, of the many dirty, despicable drugs being indulged in by the “druggies”. These drugs, and their infatuated worshippers, present a major obstacle for the nice, clean, hard-working American peoples living normal lives throughout the U.S. Not simply an obstacle, no, but a parasite that is taking advantage of the people who, bored or stressed in their current lives, just want something that can give them a “rush,” or something to let them escape from reality. Now, while this may be an issue already addressed by other concerned individuals, I believe that their solution is inferior to mine. My modest proposal is actually very simple in…show more content…
Immediately following the trust gaining process would be the connection process, where they will cook up some interesting partnerships, in order to find more users. Of course, these new connections would not happen overnight, so the infiltrators would need around six to eight months to do their work. This time would be well spent, because more known individuals would mean that we could see the true scope of the problem throughout the nation. With this new insight, the government could vote on the appropriate action to take. Once the infiltrators had a large clientele population built up, they would signal, via specialized broadcast emitters, for the final stage, the elimination process. Then, unexpected by the drug population, the police force would begin to pick off anybody marked by the government drug-seller. Of course, they would not hit them all at once, but instead get them when they least expect it. Therefore, this process would be spread out over several years, as more addicts are located. As many people may try to argue that my modest proposal would not work better than the process currently in place, I will prove, beyond any possible misconceptions, that my arrangement is the only true way to repair this colossal problem. Among the first things that will be questioned by any criticizing eye, is the one of how much my plan would cost the country. I can
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