It Is Widely Known That Slavery Is A Brutal, Cruel, And

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It is widely known that slavery is a brutal, cruel, and inhumane regime that had been wide-spread around the whole world. However, it has not inflamed a whole-scale political and social crisis more seriously anywhere than in the United States during the nineteenth century. People who were forced, kidnapped or passively “born” to be slaves were not only required to perform endless labor, but also tortured, suppressed and bestially destroyed in numerous heartless ways — physically and mentally. However, a few decades before the outbreak of the civil war, it was barely possible for the people in the north to know about the details of how the slaves lived in the south due to several factors such as the limit of communications. Fortunately,…show more content…
Furthermore, they were continuously threaten by physical torture, which might be imposed upon them for no reason but their masters’ bad mood that day. They were always whipped for hours, often beaten with hoes and sticks, and sometimes killed as animals by their cruel masters with no pity and compassion at all, which was also not illegal. There is one very scary but reflective example presented by Douglass in his narrative that a woman slave was killed brutally by her mistress because she just had a rest while the baby whom she took care of was crying. Behind this, she was actually kept working every night and rarely had a nap. A trivial “mistake” shockingly cost her life to pay for the baby’s cry. According to many more details by Douglass, those slaves lived in a life in which they not only needed to keep worrying about what to eat and when to take a break, but also needed to never stop thinking about how they should behave like an infallible machine in order to escape from their masters’s bloody cowskins. In a word, slaves were deprived of the right to work hard to earn a living, and became the livestocks which were forced by human to do whatever they needed them to do, which also meant they could be tortured or killed just for the same reason why an animal could be killed.

Second, under the system of slavery, African Americans were kept getting hurt mentally because
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