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U10a1 Project – Final Paper

Likwa Moyo

Capella University

TS5335 - Project Leadership and Management

Instructor: Dr. Miriam Masullo

Date: March 15, 2013


Zambia, like many third world countries, is facing scarcity of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure and leadership in this technology. While advances in the ICT can support self-directed interactive learning, organizations that recognize the macro challenges of responding to the ever-changing demands of technology, are turning to leadership concepts that adapt to societies' socioeconomic demands. This project examines the application of leadership to the eLearning model within the
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In particular, the project is interested in children’s authoring experience with digital media and is developed to facilitate the application of a pedagogy approach which develops cognitive and interpersonal capabilities rather than one which concentrates merely on instructing with the aim of enabling learners to acquire knowledge, understanding algorithms. 1.2 Background In the 1950 period, South Korea and Zambia were roughly at the same economic level. Sixty years later, South Korea is one of the world’s most economically advanced nations today while Zambia is still struggling economically. The difference is due almost entirely to a half century of investments in education, development experts say (International Herald Tribune, 2003.) Like many developing countries, high rates of unemployment in Zambia, especially after completion of middle and high school, point to poor external efficiency (Achola, 1990). Other factors contributing to problems with the successful implementation of educational policies have been a poor economy, inadequate supply of teachers from kindergarten level, problems with curriculum relevance, and an entrenched debate about the effectiveness of what is the best leadership style in the educational arena. There is a demonstrable connection between education and development,” said Steve Packer of the “Education for all Global Monitoring Report,” which tracks governments progress for the UN education,

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