It Must Be A Bad Year For My Allergies ( Pbl )

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It Must Be a Bad Year for My Allergies (PBL) 1. Based on the examination of the patient, a secondary pathology resulting from primary pathology is evident. The primary pathology is Lung Cancer and the secondary pathology is Superior Vena Cava Syndrome. 2. A chest X-ray and CT scan result demonstrated a cavitation of the right lower pulmonary lobe. This result alone along with Bob’s history of smoking is a big red flag related to lung cancer. Bob’s history reveals that he has been smoking a ½ pack or more per day for 37 years. According to a study done on the diagnosis, staging, and treatment of lung cancer, habitual smokers have the highest risk of developing cancer of the lung than any other cancer (Herth, Eberhardt, Ernst, 2006). The study also concludes that a related association with lung cancer is swelling of the tissue, lung tumors and/cavitation, lymph in the bronchioles, and paratracheal areas. The swelling can lead to an obstructed airway, which matches Bob’s symptoms as well. Chest pain, stridor, and chest pain are all indications of complications in the respiratory system. The secondary pathology is the pathology caused by the primary. With the cavitation of the lung, swelling of tissues, and lymph nodes surrounding the chest cavity, this can put pressure on the heart, veins, and arteries. Bob displays symptoms of the upper limb, headache, congestion in the nasal passages and hoarseness. These are symptoms as a result of damaging blood flow to the upper body.

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