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“It must be remembered that for the person with severe mental illness who has no treatment the most dreaded of confinements can be the imprisonment inflicted by his own mind, which shuts reality out and subjects him to the torment of voices and images beyond our own powers to describe”. Serious mental illness affects approximately 9.6 million people in the United States, or about 4.1% of the population.3 In addition to the many debilitating symptoms of serious mental illness, many people also lack insight into the extent and effects of their symptoms; lack of insight is neurologically based and is often a hallmark of serious mental illness. This lack of insight coupled with the complexities of serious mental. Treated Indifferently…show more content…
Those on medication rely on a patchwork of drug plans that was inadequate even before the rise of precarious labor left yet more working Canadians without coverage. To achieve that, provinces would need to enact a few measures that mental-health advocates have long called for: more funding for child and youth health centers; a coordinated referral system to ensure families and family doctors alike know how and where to get specialized services; mandatory minimum wait times for essential care; and better drug coverage, if not a full national pharmacare plan. All of this, of course, requires money. Medications Medications will probably continue to play a central role in mental health care - especially in Western countries and especially for managing symptoms of severe mental health problems such as bipolar disorder, dementia, and psychosis; however, non-medication treatments will play an increasingly important role in mental health care as research evidence accumulates showing that many CAM therapies are both safe and effective. Integrative mental health care is a rapidly emerging field that focuses on maintaining optimal wellness and managing symptoms of each unique person, keeping in mind their values, preferences, and circumstances. Advantages of integrative mental health care over the conventional biomedical model include: improved response to treatment; reducing the dosage of a prescription medication; reducing adverse effects

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