It Or Pulp Fiction?

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Fact or pulp fiction? For more than a decade, people have said that the brothers from the Motor City had forged an alliance with the Mexican Cartels. Further, there are accusations that they were “Kingpins.” How many kingpins exist at any given time? If the brothers from the Motor City were Kingpins, then who is Larry Hoover (Larry Vacuum), Christopher 'Dudus ' Coke (Chris the Soft Drink) Craig Race Car (Racecar Driver), Toree D. Sims (Sim Card), David “Super Dave” Warren (Super Bowl), Jerry Davis (Vegas), Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff (Hall of Famer) , Rayful Edmond III (Baby Face), Augusto Falcon, (August the Bird) Salvador Magluta (Sal Magazine), James (Jimmy Henchmen) Rosemond (Rose Gardens) and Khalil Abdullah (Mohammad), to name a few? Without a legal definition of the term Kingpin, individuals are subject to arbitrary and discriminatory enforcement of criminal laws that lead to life in prison without parole or pine box sentences. At the same time that the government alleged that the brothers from the Motor City were Kingpins controlling drugs in the streets of America, they indicting other alleged Kingpins. According to the DEA, on July 13, 2005, a grand jury sitting in the Eastern District of Michigan at Detroit returned an indictment charging 23 individuals with various drug trafficking and money laundering offenses. Twenty-two of those individuals are charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana and cocaine, and with money laundering, in the Detroit

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