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Nina Hart ABSTRACT Human Resource Information Systems are the central technology of Human Resource Management. Most HRIS’s are underutilized. The cost to organizations usually outweighs the advantages of ownership. When utilized properly an effective HRIS can improve the bottom line and provide return on investment. The need for a quality improvement initiative of a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is crucial to the retention of talent, productivity, and improvement of the bottom line by increasing the value of time saved. The objective of the quality improvement initiative with corporate strategy and human resource planning and development is to assist with many issues the organization faces in today’s business climate.…show more content…
CHANGE AGENT As an HRIS consultant I have been chosen to focus on the following areas: • Recruiting and Candidate Self-Service • HRIS • Talent Management • Performance Management • Business Process Re-engineering My assignment is to oversee the implementation of a new HRIS. Change management involved during this implementation include: businesses change and technology change. Implementing the HRIS could affect business in the way business is captured and used in terms of a move to decentralized data capture, users being responsible for quality and timeliness of data, elimination of procedures through the use of modern business techniques such as BPR, and the provision of management information to users including easy to use reporting tools. Technology changes requires a need for traditional users of the system having to familiarize themselves with new tools and new procedures; and additional users who may be given access to the new system because of its increased capabilities. (Rampton et al pg.140). A formalized plan to implement the change will be given to senior management. Strategically putting in place the right team of professionals will help to determine the success of the quality initiative. The involvement and commitment of all top management and stakeholders is required and necessary for a successful outcome. Leader communication
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