It Pays to Fly Full-Service: Managerial Marketing

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It Pays to Fly Full-Service
Rene Gonzalez Jr.
Ashford University
Managerial Marketing BUS 620
Larry Flegle
November 28, 2011

It Pays to Fly Full-Service In this essay I will create a nine-component marketing plan on flying full-service business class with Delta opposed to flying with a discounted low-fare carrier like Southwest. As the economy struggles and air travel becomes more competitive it is not easy to establish the best niche market strategy for an airline. Teplensky defined (as cited in Parrish, Cassill, & Oxenham, 2006) niche market strategy as, "an emphasis on a particular need, geographic, demographic, or product segment" (p. 695). Therefore, it would be ideal for Delta to seek a more specific niche in air
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It is apparent that Delta has numerous amenities to offer business class travelers; currently it is just a matter of what options travelers choose to use.
Description of Competitors In this case Southwest Airlines Co. (a low-cost carrier) is the identified competition. Southwest has 40 years of passenger service experience. Additionally, Southwest has an average of 3,400 daily departure flights and nearly a total of 35,000 employees. Within 2010 Southwest operated 550 Boeing 737 jets, which carried a total of 88 million passengers to 72 different cities within 37 states. As a result, Southwest is the largest domestic airline in the U.S. (National Transportation, 2010). Southwest offers Priority Lane access, Rapid Rewards (frequent flier plan), some in-flight Wi-Fi capabilities, and economy beverages/snack services. However, the Rapid Rewards is limited to domestic traveling only because Southwest does not offer international flights. Also, the Wi-Fi provided is only on limited numbers of aircraft, and the beverage/snack services do not cover full meals. The high operational extent of Southwest 's capabilities can illustration by their longest flight, which is between T.F. Green Airport in Rhode Island to McCarran International Airport in Nevada. The grant total for their longest flight is 2,363 miles (Southwest Airlines Co., 2011). Southwest does

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