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Introduction Fiction Corporation is a large national retail chain of 10,000 employees and 500 retail outlets. Fiction is moving its primary data center operation to a new headquarters building several miles away. The company wishes to upgrade its network and correct any security flaws in its infrastructure as part of this move. The Fiction CEO has a capital budget of $500,000 and must not interrupt business operations. The fiction corporation has hired Big-Proj for completion of this network migration project without exceeding the budget of $500,000. The Project life cycle has been signed for 30 days. Big-Proj typically handles these types of moves as part of its normal operations; along with network upgrades, and ERP deployments. The…show more content…
Included in this plan should be details on data center facility size, location, site plans, physical security requirements, risk management initiatives (security priorities and business continuity issues) and critical infrastructure capacities - initial estimates of equipment densities, power and cooling capacities and levels of redundancy. Companies must have a strategy for recovering their data in the event that fires, hurricanes or other natural disasters destroy their primary data centers. Planning for recovery from a disaster is quickly becoming recognized as a necessity. (Omar et al, 2011) Step 6: Develop a detailed data center move/relocation project plan. Perhaps one of the most critical steps within a data center move/relocation project, the team will need to create a detailed move plan that includes the equipment move sequence, back-up operations during the move, installation and testing and ongoing operations. Success of data center move and relocation projects are highly dependent upon detailed and coordinated planning and execution of many functional participants. Develop an inclusive plan that incorporates the five (5) process areas and nine (9) knowledge areas of the PMBOK®. The Project plan has been developed as a 30 day life cycle. Migration Plan Approach The primary intentions of the approach proposed by this design methodology within this Migration Plan are to ensure the
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