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IT PROPOSAL FOR THE KRIS COPORATION2 Information Technology Proposal Active Directory Migrating to 2012 AD Different companies or organizations have different reasons and ways of migrating to Windows 2012 Active Directory. Some of the reasons as to why the company needs to migrate to 2012 Ad include freedom of interface choice whereby there is a wide variety of interface choice that can be accessed through 2012 AD (Taft, 2012). The other reasons as to why the company needs 2012 AD include increase in the storage space for the company and ability to have control over disasters and its recovery system (Ciccarelli, & Faulkner, 2006). The company will also be able to improve on its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Furthermore, the…show more content…
After that, the settings and the data of server 2008 are then moved to the Destination Server, that is, for server IT PROPOSAL FOR THE KRIS COPORATION3 2012 AD (Ciccarelli, & Faulkner, 2006). The folder for redirection on server 2012 Essentials Destination Folder is then enabled after which the old folder for redirection may then be deleted. The source serve is then demoted and removed from the new server 2012 Essentials network, although this should be done after forcing the Group policy update, then the removal (Hernandez, 2013). After the migration, the next step would be for the company to map all the permitted computers to the user accounts within the network of the company. The final step of migrating to Windows Server 2012 is to download and then run the server essentials BPA. Multi-domain model Vs Single domain Kris Corporation running a multiple-domain whereby the benefits of having multiple domain include being able to reduce the stiff competition that the company faces from other similar companies in the industry (Taft, 2012). Furthermore, multiple domains are beneficial in that they help the company to target different audiences hence expand its customer base in the long run (Ciccarelli, & Faulkner, 2006). It is also to be noted that multiple domains are beneficial to an organization due to the reason that there is ease of access of the company’s website
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