It Requires Maximum Effort For Ensuring Secure Boundaries Of This Company's Network From

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It requires maximum effort to ensure secure boundaries of this company’s network from. After people, information is our greatest asset which is why it would be in the company’s best interest to invest in its protection. When we take the defensive approach we tend to attempt thinking along the lines as an attacker. It’s helpful to be familiar with several of the tools that are made available to them and the ways these devices are used. More often than not an attack is planned. These incidents happen in segments and there is a method to an attackers approach. Therefore, most attacks do not merely happen. The attacks are elaborately planned out in phases. There is the research phase, which is when the attacker collects data on its target.…show more content…
We could then act to protect those areas so that they are not unwanted doors to our critical data. Once the vulnerability scans are active and in place, I suggest a strong stateful firewall that will detect infiltration. This firewall should be capable of stateful inspections. Network/Host Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are helpful in alerting of a breach. In addition, an unused ports should be closed and filter the excess. Firewalls can help with the ports as well as port scanners (EC Council, 2010, p. 3-18). These are recommended administration tools that will defend against network attacks. Scanning tools can aid the work on a network on either side. They are comparable guns, they can be used to harm or protect. Security scanners move through a list of known areas of weakness and explore each system (Tittle, 2003). There are also IP scanners, audits, and web server scanners available to add to the protective layers. Attackers’ access to tools to assist in their attacks and the key is to be the best position to prepare for those attacks. Popular among the Black hats are port scanners similar to Hping2. Used maliciously port scanning is based on a system or rhythm to search for ports in order to gain entry (Stewart, 2000). Hping2 is a command line based tool capable of using ICMP echo request to analyze data. The tool is powerful in that it’s not only a port
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