It Safety On Construction Industry

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IT Safety In Construction Introduction Construction sites are continuously busy and can be a very complicated and at times dangerous environment to work in. With up to 20 or more trades working on a site using different types of tools and machinery the construction industry is seen as a high risk industry (Carbonari et al, 2011). Although safety in construction and onsite injuries does receive a lot of attention and is continually being worked on in order to improve, the incident rate in the construction industry is far worse than any other industry, reportedly twice as bad as the industry average (Quang et al, 2014). In 2011 the US Bureau of statistics reported that the US construction industry had over 180 thousand occupational injuries…show more content…
The literature review is structured in a way in which different categories of technology will be individually reviewed. Background information as well as future directions of the aspects are also a part of this report. Background Information Construction safety has always and will always continue to be an issue that every project team must face. The traditional methods for health and safety practices are continual training, rewards, and feedback communication. These methods have only been proved to be partially effective as each site is different having their own peculiarities and offering unique hazards (Natacchia et al, 2012).These traditional methods used to maintain safety will always be needed on construction sites but assistance through information technology is increasing (Rowlinson 2005). It is the ability of technology to be able to detect hazards, offer a higher level of feedback and assist in decision making which is making it compelling for construction sites (Zhang et al. 2012). Emerging technologies are having different impacts in different situations on construction sites. Designing for safety is one area where information technology is becoming “widely used” (Natacchia et al, 2012). Although the design phase of any building does not take place on a construction site, the implications that design may have on the safety of workers onsite can be significant. While the task of construction a building will be and has always
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