It Safety On Construction Industry

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IT Safety In Construction
Construction sites are continuously busy and can be a very complicated and at times dangerous environment to work in. With up to 20 or more trades working on a site using different types of tools and machinery the construction industry is seen as a high risk industry (Carbonari et al, 2011). Although safety in construction and onsite injuries does receive a lot of attention and is continually being worked on in order to improve, the incident rate in the construction industry is far worse than any other industry, reportedly twice as bad as the industry average (Quang et al, 2014). In 2011 the US Bureau of statistics reported that the US construction industry had over 180 thousand occupational injuries and 738 fatal injuries. What makes these figures staggering is that 80-90% of accidents on site are due to unsafe acts (Han & Lee, 2013).Information technology is emerging as one potential solution in making construction sites safer and preventing injuries. Construction safety involves care and planning throughout the whole project life cycle from design to construction execution (Zhang et al, 2012). Information Technology is beginning to be able assist construction safety over the whole life-cycle, through advanced design technology, to communication on site and even through assessing the individual health of workers. This paper aims to complete a comprehensive review into the emerging information technology on construction sites and…
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