It Said That The Roles Of Government Are:Keep Order, Make

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It said that the roles of government are: keep order, make laws, help citizens, protect the country and foster its citizens to become productive members of society. The common objective of an election system in any countries to elect the government official that will carry out the roles of government as well as "provide political education for citizens and ensure the responsiveness of democratic governments to the will of the people” (Cohen, S. 2009). Electoral Reform means different things in different countries depending on the system of election currently in use and what the alternatives under consideration might be. 'Reform ' means change for the better, so electoral reform means something different and better than what we now have.…show more content…
Even if the geography of political violence has shifted over time or the overall magnitude of abuse has declined in recent decades, as subsequent reports show, oppression still is a way of life for many of the region’s people. Despite the progress associated with truth commissions and legal trials, the vast majority of human right violators continue to walk the streets of Latin America. Therefore, Honduras and Nicaragua have several things in common in the patterns of human rights violations. The history of these two countries is an important topic to discuss. The economic and social rights of the people of Honduras has always been in turmoil. What important to note about Honduras is the detailed consideration of international relationships aids in understanding the patterns in fighting for human rights. Keeping an eye towards international factors help scholars answer questions related to the timing of critical turning points and helps explain long term patterns for change. In Honduras’ case the changing rates and types of human rights abuse cannot be fully understood without reference to the changes in pressure and support from the international community (Cruz, J. 1984). Recently reports have been targeted towards

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