It Seemed Like a Good Idea at That Time- Case Study

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 1. INTRODUCTION 2 2. PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION AND ANALYSIS 3 3.1. A change in business strategy 3.2. A poorly constructed and aligned Performance Management System 3.3. Lack of a knowledge management system

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They also failed in their strategic thinking towards the vision of a leading retailer for “all things outdoors” by not aligning business goals to the culture, human resource practices nor the needs of employees or the target market. 3.2. A poorly constructed and aligned Performance Management System (PMS)
PMS is a key tool in organizational change (Graetz et al. 2010, pp. 192). TGO had a successful PMS, evidenced by strong sales, highly motivated employees and an employer of choice. The newly introduced sales target focus, along with less incentives and the revoking of other benefits can be perceived as an unfair process with company lacking organizational justice. Not surprisingly, most of the TGO employees left the company creating large learning gaps for existing Templeton employees who replaced them in a rotational basis.
Acceptance of changes to the PMS is only possible if employees understand the need for it, participate in its development, are aware of how it will affect them, are trained in its use and it matches their culture (Graetz et al. 2010, pp.193). However, none of these factors were considered prior to executing the change.

3.3. Lack of a integrative knowledge management system (KMS)
Knowledge is an important source of competitive advantage, with studies showing that managing
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