It Seems As Though When A Shooting Happens In America The

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It seems as though when a shooting happens in america the gun rates begin to increase due to many more people fearing that they may not be safe. The total gun sales in america has been growing for a pretty long time. The impact that the sandy hook shooting has put on the society today is that people now feel the need to carry a gun around everywhere they go. An increasing number of Americans believe that having a gun in the house would make them safer, some states have actually relaxed their gun laws in recent years.People are also increasingly keen to take their weapons with them when they travel. The number of guns confiscated at airport checkpoints has tripled over the last decade. In a series of recent experiments, undercover agents…show more content…
In his speech at a vigil in Newtown, he asked, "Are we prepared to say that such violence visited on our children year after year after year is somehow the price of our freedom?" which surprisingly caused many of the people who possessed a gun in america to worry. 2. What are the various views, values and perspectives that relate to the sandy hook school shooting? Many parents such as Nicole Hockley whose 6 year old son was shot by Adam were seen pleading to ban rifles in the US backing up Barack Obama who was the president at the time to change/stricken the gun law policies. Nicoles reasons and values as to why she chose to go forward with the case despite the fact that many americans own rifles of their own she still went through with it to make sure that no more children such as her own be shot or hurt due to the lack of gun policies. Nicoles value is to make sure that no other parent should ever go through the same struggle as she did when she lost her son that fatal day. Nicole not only speaks out about the gun violence at public places such as schools, cinemas etc but also on the streets, she also speaks out on behalf of all of the lives lost due to gun violence. Nicole Hockley 's value was family. “If these sensible steps can help save lives, why wouldn’t we take them?” Nicole just like any other mother is deeply in grief but is holding
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