It Took Me Three Semesters

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It took me three semesters in college to declare a major. I decided I wanted to go for Accounting. Ever since I was in elementary school I really enjoyed my math classes, but at that age I didn 't quite have a clear idea of where I wanted to go with that. Math has aways been my favorite subject. I always thought about going into a field that required a lot of math or numbers in general . My two top choices were either being a Math Teacher or somewhere in the Medical Field. I first grew interest in the Business Field when I was in high school and working at Macdonald’s. I was only 17 when I was being pushed to become a Shift Manager. I went through some of the training, but I didn’t go through with it completely because at the time I wanted to focus just on school. However, for me that was the spark to the beginning of my interest in the Business field. I then decided that either Accounting or Finance was going to be my area of concentration. After taking Business 181 this semester I decided that Accounting was definitely what I enjoyed the most and I saw myself going somewhere with that major. I’m aware that it is definitely not going to be easy, but I can honestly say that I look forward to transferring to a university and pursuing this major. I know that even after school, it is going to take a lot of time from my personal life as I will need to be dedicated to my job, but I think that can apply to any career. I am aware of how much time I will have to sacrifice. As I
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