It Was 10 P.m At New York City Essay

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It was 10 p.m. when we first pulled up to the school, there were kids scattered all around, huddled in together to try and stop the cool bite of the night from getting them. Each child was surrounded with the luggage they were asked to bring; each one filled to the brim with anything that might be needed for the long trip ahead. You could see the parents and family members trying to baby their child while they still could; before they would need to say goodbye to them and send them off. The night seemed to go on for forever, everyone filled with worry, excitement and anticipation, waiting for the busses to arrive; and once the busses arrived there was no turning back. Finally, everyone was settled, the suitcases and instruments were secured, and the big white beast that was the carter bus started to fill with whispers of excitement and anticipation for what was going to happen 19 hours later when arrived to New York City. As the bus started to move, I was filled with trepidation; I knew I should be excited and filled with joy at the prospect of going to New York and performing at Carnegie Hall. How could I not be? It was Carnegie Hall! However, all I could feel was nervous and doubt; I was sure that I was not worthy to go to Carnegie Hall, that it was a mistake for me to go, that I was going to make a fool of myself and everyone else. As the bus made its way through Atlanta’s bright stunning lights, all I really wanted to do was to be back in bed covered all up, safe and

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