It Was A Beautiful Day In Pierre, South Dakota On October

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It was a beautiful day in Pierre, South Dakota on October 11th, 2014. The bright sun was shining down on the water, which made a perfect reflection. Along the river is such a beautiful place to relax and take in all of God’s beautiful creations. Everyone arrived at the boat dock ready to go. We were getting all the boats into the water and getting ready to go to my grandparents favorite fishing spot. We got all the boats that would be used, unloaded and into the water. Everyone settled into the boats on the dock. “Is everyone loaded into the boats?” asked my grandma. “Yes! We are set for takeoff!” hollered my grandpa’s best friend, Boxy. “Everyone hang on! It is gonna be a rough ride!” shouted my grandpa’s other best friend, Kent.…show more content…
The red rose petals would look beautiful floating in the water. It is really startin’ to hit me that my grandpa is gone forever. I am finally starting to realize that I will never see him again, he will not be able to watch me graduate, play softball, or just go throughout life and be my best friend. “Go ahead and release the rose petals, grandchildren,” announced my grandma. The grandchildren all look at each other and decided how they would release the rose petals. We decided we would go oldest to youngest, releasing a handful of rose petals at a time. We each grabbed our zip lock bags full of the fresh red rose petals and got lined up youngest to oldest. First Shelby, my sister, released some rose petals, then Tori, my cousin, then I released some, and then finally Kaelynn, my other cousin, released some. We went through this process three times, that when we were out of red rose petals. Right after all the fresh red rose petals were released into the river, something for real amazing happened. Nobody ever expected this to happen and nobody could ever plan for this to happen. Suddenly my dad yells “Look at all those geese flying over!” “That is for real the most perfect way for this to happen. Don wouldn’t have wanted it any other way,” my grandma announced after all of the geese flew over all of the boats. My grandpa loved to be outdoors no matter what he was doing. He loved to take anyone fishing, whether that be family or friends. He used to

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