It Was A Beautiful Summer

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It was a beautiful Summer 's day. Everything was just perfect. The sun was shimmering golden rays onto the smooth concrete road. We were driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to celebrate the Fourth of July. My brother Seth, who was sitting at the front along side my mum who was driving, and I had been singing old folk songs non-stop since we left the house. Mum and Dad always loved to hear us sing, they claim that it 's the only thing that makes them smile. We were one happy family.

All of that changed in an instance.

All I could remember was us singing Amazing Grace, then suddenly there was a black car driving rapidly towards us. There was glass shattered everywhere. I screamed and held onto my dad as if I was holding onto my life. The car span several times crashing into other cars. I was so shocked that I eventually blacked out.

I opened my eyes. I was laying down on my back on a hard mattress. I could barely move my stiff body. All I heard was chit-chat. I began sweating horrifically, my mouth was filled with sawdust. For the last breath I thought I had, I yelled, “Help!” The room goes quiet. I heard footsteps approaching me. A lady with pale skin, a blonde ponytail and a weird looking hat appeared in front of my eyes. In a soft voice I muttered, “W-w-where am I? W-where 's my family?”

The lady in the white dress helped me to sit up against the wall behind my bed while replying, “Oh sweetheart, you were in a car crash a week ago, this is the first time you woke up
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