It Was A Cold And Dark Thursday Evening In The Town Of

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It was a cold and dark Thursday evening in the town of Carmel, Indiana. My family had just finished eating dinner, my mother made chicken potpie which is my favorite. After eating everything I on my plate I proceeded to finish the remainder of my homework, which was not much considering I was in second grade. I finished my list of assigned chores when I got home from school that day to make sure I had no obligations before sitting down to relax. As I went upstairs to change into my pajamas I heard the sound of my mother making popcorn on the stove, the rich smell of butter and grease filled the house. After hurrying to get my comfiest pajamas on I ran downstairs to see my mother already in her spot on the big couch we would always read on,…show more content…
There were four chapters left in the book, approximately 18,250 words. To me this seemed like an almost unfeasible task. My mother and I would usually read a chapter every day, making this evening’s agenda a strenuous one. My mother started to read chapter twenty-six, titled “The Cave”. Not only was this the beginning of the most quintessential part of the novel, it was also a huge turning point in the novel. The characters had been seemingly childish and innocent for the duration of the series, and now they were becoming transformed into strong mature young-adults. As my mother read I was launched into a fantasyland that captured my full attention. The warm, soft couch I was sitting on evaporated, as did the house I was in. The smells of the buttery popcorn were replaced with those of a dank, musty castle called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The words were vibrant and colorful, even when painting dark, harrowing scenes. The hours passed by in what seemed like minutes, I became so wrapped up in the story that I had no idea how long my mother had been reading. More importantly, I did not know how many pages were left in the book. My goal, after all, was to finish the book so I could gain the privilege of going to the midnight viewing. The exhaustion was finally catching up to me, and left me unsure if

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