It Was A Nice, Spring Day

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It was a nice, spring day in Colorado. Anicia, my wonderful, sarcastic best friend, and I had just gotten out of school. To the left was the mountains, looking beautiful with just a bit of snow on top of them and the sun shining from behind. Behind me was the school with hundreds of kids rushing to make it on the buses in time. Anicia and I were on the way to talk to some of our friends Thomas, Tristan, and Lexi about some random science project we had to do has a group, which never did get turned in by the way. Thomas kept suggesting, “Let’s just go to Alyssa’s house and make a video about what to and what not to do during a lab. But everyone didn’t like that idea and kept disagreeing. I was bored out of my mind.…show more content…
But for some strange reason, I felt the need to jump on it. I looked around to see if Anicia was still talking to our friends, she was. But I didn’t even realize that there were maintenance people just working on it and that the lid was pretty crooked. So I jump on it. Within seconds the lid moves and I fall straight through! Since there were maintenance people who just had worked on it and didn’t put the lid back on correctly, I fell in this hole that happens to be a sewer. “Well uh-oh,” I said to myself. I was just sitting in the sewer looking up at all the people while Anicia was completely oblivious to the fact that I wasn’t with her and that instead, I was in a sewer. But after all, she is my best friend, so she has gotten pretty good at ignoring me when need be. I ended up watching a short girl with long tangled black hair, glasses, a hoodie, and headphones walk all the way to my house. I tried to yell “HEY ANICIA!” but as she was wearing headphones she didn’t hear me and assumed I was all the way home already. Well Anicia, made it all the way to my house. She walked in since it was pretty much her house too. She walks in and yells “Hi Mom!” to my mom downstairs. My mom assumed that I was with her too, so she yelled back “Hey girls!” Anicia didn’t think anything of it and went into our upstairs kitchen and made herself some food and went to the upstairs living room and turned on Netflix. She tried to get on Netflix when she
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