It Was A Normal Girls ' Night For Mabel, Grenda, And Candy

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It was a normal girls ' night for Mabel, Grenda, and Candy. Age-inappropriate romance novels, heaps upon heaps of junk food, dollar store teen movies, gossip, sleepover games...any preteen girl 's dream.

And Dipper 's worst nightmare.

All Mabel had to do to get Dipper to get far, far away from their room was even so much as think about having a girls ' night. After the traumatic experience he 'd had attending one in Mabel 's body, he couldn 't even stand to witness them anymore.

They always had to rock-paper-scissors to see who got their room and who had to sleep in the living room. Dipper somehow always lost. Hehe. Maybe don 't throw paper every time...

This particular night, the girls were indulging in a late-night sing-along viewing of Community College Melody 3 (which they unfortunately had to view on a minuscule-screened $50 tablet Candy owned with Netflix on it, since y 'know, Dipper was in the living room) when they sadly realized about halfway through the movie they were out of popcorn.

"Candy, can you go pop another bag?" Mabel asked.

"I did it last time!" Candy half-jokingly argued. "And I really like this scene between Justin and Bella."

"We can pause it." Grenda stated, pressing 'pause ' on the little tablet. "Pleeeease?"

Candy sighed. "I wouldn 't for just anybody."

"Thanks, Candy! You 're the best!" Mabel praised as Candy got off the bed and left the room.

"Yeah, yeah."

"I 'm way too easily conned..." Candy muttered to herself as she walked down the…

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