It Was Hot And Dry Outside

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It was hot and dry outside. Nature’s alarm clock, the rising sun, peered through the window of a little girl’s room, signaling to her that it was time to wake up. From the time she awoke until the moment she went to sleep, she was constantly preoccupied. She was only a young girl, just aged nine, but had many duties and responsibilities in her household. Every morning, as the youngest of nine children, she had to run across the village in makeshift shoes to get water for her family. She prepared scrumptious home cooked Ethiopian food for her older brothers. She helped her older sister fetch the eggs from the chicken so they can sell it at the market later that day, and of course took a break here and there to play with the finicky animals. From a young age, all this was expected out of her. It was not something that was a choice really but a way of life. She was trained, better yet conditioned, to live this way and twenty-one years later to this day, this mindset of following through with expectations that others have of her have not changed and remains true. This little girl is my aunt, and her name is Solane. Expectations can be a good or bad thing, depending on the situation that arises, but in the case of my Aunty Solane it is much more of a burden. One can say that “expectations” has even become her best friend. It has always been there in the background, whispering in her ear. Her friend was only around in the background when she was a little nine-year-old,

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