It Was Mistaken As A Bomb

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it was mistaken as a bomb. America also implemented the Patriot Act which allowed the U.S. Government to make things more secure while also slightly being able to infringe on people 's rights with things such as detaining immigrants, or searching a home or business without explicit permission. Though these things may have seemed mild or unimportant at the time they are things that still exist in our society and ultimately have proven to be more negative than positive. 9/11 is not an event that we want to be repeated in our lifetimes, which is why it is imperative that our children are knowledgeable about this event in all aspects and can learn from our mistakes. In particular, it is vital to the population of Anchorage that they understand the ramifications that this event left behind. Anchorage’s population is primarily military based and they need to understand why 9/11 happened so that the next time a situation like this arises they know how to prevent it. In the status quo the event is seen as an opportunity for the U.S. to flex it’s muscles versus what it actually was; a time that America was shook to its core. While we memorialize it effectively, there is no proper or extensive education on this for the general public unless they go looking for it. Currently the basis of 9/11 education in Anchorage is centered around memorialization but the public needs a more extensive education about how to prevent this again. With a broad military base we have the capability to
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