It Was My Fault?

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It was my fault. This time I had lied my way into bed. I needed one last fix, one last high and I couldn’t resist the urge. His name was Max and he was a sex buddy that I met at work. I knew I was going to have sex with him when he walked into the stadium where we worked. I was captivated by his adorable naivety. I knew it was a terrible idea to have sex with a co-worker, but I couldn’t stop thinking of how I would take his innocence. I coerced him into sex and walked off with his virginity.
Max broke things off with me after a string of meaningless encounters because he was too afraid of pregnancy. When he told me this, I shrugged my shoulders and told him that I was on birth control. I didn’t care until the condom broke that night.
“Fuck,” I whispered as I looked at my Mother Mary necklace sitting on his desk. I was stupid enough to take it off before we had sex.
“It’s fine Jess,” Max said as he put on his t-shirt. “You’re on birth control, right?”
I stumbled, but shook my head. “Of course.” I stared at my necklace as put on his shoes. “Then there’s nothing to worry about.” He went to the bathroom across the hall and came back with a stack of tissues.
“Let’s just be safe and get Plan B,” I said. I took a tissue and wiped myself. The Mother Mary necklace had an eerie sparkle above Mary’s head.
He opened his mouth to speak, but I cut him off.
“It’ll guarantee I don’t get pregnant.”
“It should be three dollars right?” he asked.
I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed
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