It Was Necessary For The Human Race

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Zinn’s question if the bloodshed and deceit were necessary in order for the human race to progress one might argue that yes it was necessary, to a certain extent. If the English did not colonize America, maybe it would not be what it is today. The Europeans came here with their tools and influence over the country. The colonist used the bloodshed in order to control the Native Americans, the Africans, and even their own people. They did not want them to rebel therefore, they devised systems in order to manipulate them. Even though they implemented these systems, the Native Americans and the Africans Indians rebelled against the Europeans. The Europeans would oppress the people, imprisoned and punish them in order to have control over the colonies, otherwise there would have been more rebellions amongst the people. The Europeans needed laborer to work their fields in the colonies and they chose slaves because it was the cheapest form of labor that would maximize profit. The authority figures of England would offer bribes to men so that they would go to America, they would offer brides and land to these men because Europe was already populated. Therefore, these skilled men from Europe entered America. If this did not occur maybe this country would not become ‘civilized’ and technological advanced. Additionally, the progress America made was because of European influence, not stating the Native Americans did not have their own system they adhere to but the…

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