It Was One Rainy Day In Southern California. I Was On My

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It was one rainy day in Southern California. I was on my way to school, riding shotgun. My day had started off right. I did not mind the rain until I got out of the car. I heard a big splash. My feet were soaked. I felt the cold-water seeping into my socks.
“Well this is a bad start to my day,” I said out loud.
I walked inside school and rushed to class before I got another tardy slip. That would have really ruined my day. Finally, I sat down at my favorite desk and waited for advisory to start. Advisory is a twenty-minute period where we learn about setting academic and life goals or about college. I loved advisory because I could finish my homework or talk to my friends.
The next bell rang for first period. I had AP English Literature
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I had never felt so relieved in my life as when I heard the bell ring for lunch. I walked down the hall towards the outside eating area to meet up with my friends.
“Hey, Estefany, what do you think about the book Ms. Wyatt is having us read?” Estefany and Yvette, my closest friends in AP English Literature. Among the three of us, Estefany is a total bookworm. She loves books and enjoys writing fictional stories.
She replied, “I love it, I have read it once before!”
“How can you like this book?” I said out loud.
I gave her no time to reply, instead, I asked Yvette, “What do you think about the book?”
Yvette said, “I don’t know what to think, I barely read the first page because I did not know what I was reading!”
“Same, I have no idea how I am going to write the essay,” I said.
In my mind, I started thinking about how Ms. Wyatt expected me to write an essay about a book I didn’t even understand. I was so frustrated that I could feel my ears getting hot and turning red. The way I felt reminded me of something I read the other day. It was a reading called “Aria” by Richard Rodriguez. Richard was fluent in Spanish and was forced to learn English. It was difficult for him. He felt “surrounded by sounds both pleasing and fearful” (28). As a result, he was shy to raise his hand in class and felt intimidated by others who knew English. I was beginning to feel his pain. Even though I knew English, the book I was being forced to read in Ms.
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