It Was You Essay

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“Hello?” Elise asked, desperate to hear someone’s voice. “Hello is anyone there?” She could hear a faint echo of her words repeating themselves, almost mimicking her. Her mind was distant, she needed to calm down. Attempting this, she tried to pull herself up from the concrete floor, but failed. With both her hands and legs tied together, the task was nearly impossible. Also, the rigid rag covering her eyes didn’t make anything easier. Two hands were placed on each of Elise’s ears, and many thoughts rushed through her head. “Who was this person? What do they want with me?” She wondered, “Why would someone do this to me?” She couldn’t imagine her life ending now. She needed to escape, but how could she? She was helpless. Anxiety and…show more content…
She shook her head pushing off white sheets covering her, and her queen sized bed. This was nothing but a dream? Elise questioned herself in disbelief. She hardly ever remembered her dreams, but when she did they never seemed to feel as real as this. A bit shaken by the thought, she embraced her surroundings. Light from outside peeked through the blinds of her window, bringing color to the peach colored walls surrounding her. Her bedroom always seemed calming in the mornings. She felt her lips curl into a smile hearing the alarm on the alarm clock go off. “Wow, but it felt so real.” She murmured lightly. Stretching herself over her bed she pressed the snooze button, so the obnoxious beeping would be silenced, just for a while. That was until she turned it off. Letting out another breath, she ran her fingers throughout her long raven hair and planted her feet on the soft carpet. Now, it was time for her morning ritual. First she’d check her answering machine, take a quick shower, breakfast, afterwards she would clean up then report to work. Elise usually went by a schedule with everything she did. She admired structure although, another side of her wanted more fun in her life, and she really did want to be more spontaneous. But this change never seemed to happen. She was becoming like her parents, responsible yet predictable. Today, though, was going to be different. It had to be, she needed it to be. Elise planned months in advance
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