It Wasn T Me: A Short Story

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It Wasn’t Me
Whitney #6

It’s early in the morning. Five 12 year old boys are up and getting ready for school. Dawson, the smart one, is tieing a tie and polishing his shoes. Scott is racing down the stairs because he smells pancakes, he would do anything for food. Ronnie is still in bed sleeping, his mom is yelling for him, his alarm clock is going off, and he has already missed the bus which means he has to ride with his older sister, Holly. Wesley, the dare-devil, is going down the stairs in his laundry basket because his twin brother, Derek, dared him too. Those two boys are always getting into trouble.
At school the boys all meet up at the stairs going up to the science lab, their worst class with the worst teacher, Ms. Wartsom. The boys
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While the boys went on rambling, they almost missed their weekly meeting. The meeting was very secret, well to teachers anyway. It was a meeting when all the kids gathered in the basement of the cafeteria. Even though it smelled bad of rotten food the kids still went. They went to race turtles. Two boys that no really knew for sure, Jimmy and Michael Timmons ran everything, they were the ones who made everything up.
Then out of nowhere someone yelled, “Code red! Code red! A teacher is here!” Everyone jumped and ran. The five boys didn’t know what to do,so they just stood still, froze, all alone. The teacher,who they found out was Ms. Wartsom, knew all of them so they were sent to the principal’s office. When the boys got there they were all innocent because none of the teachers knew who really did it so they just blamed the five boys.
“Do you boys know how bad it is to be sneaking around the school without permission?”
“Yes sir, we know.” Replied Dawson.
“ Then why did you do it.”
“Well, see the thing is, Mr. Lightson, we weren’t the ones who were incharge”. Wesley said.
“Then who was it?” Mr. Lightson said in a strict tone.
“It was Jimmy and Michael Timmons. They have turtle races every week down there
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