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For several years the issue of eating meat has been a great concern to all types of people all over the world. In many different societies controversy has began to arise over the morality of eating meat from animals. A lot of the reasons for not eating meat have to deal with religious affiliations, personal health, animal rights, and concern about the environment. Vegetarians have a greater way of expressing meats negative effects on the human body whereas meat eaters have close to no evidence of meat eating being a positive effect on the human body. Being a vegetarian is more beneficial for human beings because of health reasons, environmental issues, and animal rights. The first benefit to being a vegetarian is health reasons. Recent …show more content…
Vegetarians also live about three to six years longer than meat eaters and they often feel refreshed and more energized than people who eat meat. Grains and plant foods provide individuals with tons of fiber whereas meat products offer close to none. The lack of fiber can cause back up within the bowel movement which leads to the cause in colon cancer. Eating too much meat can lead to excess protein in the human body and having too much protein can take calcium from the bones in bodies and become the cause of bone disorders. It is very important to maintain a healthy diet, filled with fruits and vegetables to keep up the numbers of antioxidants for overall good health. In addition to maintaining a vegetarian diet another benefit is to help keep an effective environment. Vegetarianism can help improve the environment because it is a way to conserve natural resources. The conservation of fossil fuel can start with a plant based diet instead of eating animal foods. Another way of conserving natural resources is through water conservation, because it takes up to fifteen times as much of water to create animal protein compared to plant protein. Groundwater is being used twenty-five percent faster than it is being replenished because of the demanding amounts of water meat production needs. Soil conservation is another effective way of helping with maintaining a healthy environment to live in. When eating legumes and grains

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