It is Not a Crime to Be an Ignorant Racist Essay

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Racism is a very real part of modern society, but should it be punished? Should people all over the world accept those individuals who discriminate against others just because of their skin colour? In this essay I will determine whether being racist is a crime or not and whether racism should be classed as an offence that deserves punishment.

Racial abuse is now commonplace in many towns and cities throughout the world. Starting in the days of Martin Luther-King who fought for the rights of the black Americans, who were being persecuted in the United States during the 60's and 70's.

There has also has been the tragic cases of Stephen Lawrence and more recently, Damilola Taylor. A young boy
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No one would be an individual anymore and no one could be special. The world we live in has all different kinds of people and everyone needs to learn that this is how it will be. If you can't accept that, and decide that abuse to others will help to prevent this message getting through, then you need to be taught this is wrong, through punishment.

Racism just isn't socially acceptable anymore. The world is a lot less ignorant than the times of Martin Luther-King. No one can choose how he or she comes into this world. No one asks to be born black, white or otherwise. So why do some bullies decide that it is a just explanation of why they are allowed to hit their victims? Skin colour or religion is hardly a worthy reason to use as ammunition. People who think it is deserve retribution.

In other words, racism in many ways is much like sexism and age discrimination. Society find these unacceptable, they should also find racism a significant enough crime for a reasonable punishment.

However, one of the most important human rights is freedom of speech. If we punished people for their thoughts, we would be punishing the whole world. Not being able to have your views is denial of your rights as a human being. This is even less acceptable than racism. You cannot forsake the rights of everyone just to change one problem.

Also, there is a very fine line
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