It is Time to Make Prostitution Legal

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In modern society, prostitution become a pretty controversial topic to discuss. Prostitution is the sexual services which involves selling and buying, it is just a simple act for both of two persons without any compulsion. Most people think prostitution should not be legal, certainly some people have different opinions. As we know, prostitution has been called the world’s oldest profession for a long time, it should be allowed to exist, if a person choose to use his or her body to make money, what right can make government to deny his or her choice. In many countries of the world, prostitution is illegal, that caused some women forced to walk on the street to search clientele instead of working in a safety brothel, and most of them are in a disadvantageous position because there is no laws to protect their legitimate interest, so make prostitution legalize is a very urgent thing to the society. If the prostitution become legal. Firstly, the percentage of crime will have a obvious decline, many people will not choose rape somebody innocent rather than the people who prostitute, then people will not do stupid things like rape, thus to cause the rape rate decrease to make the society more stable. Secondly, prostitution can provide opportunities of employment, many people lost their job after the global financial crisis, and the society become unstable, the government has a responsibility to help people find a job. But to the people who do not have a highly educated, they are
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