It is often said that dreams don’t correspond to reality and when we see our life unfolding before

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It is often said that dreams don’t correspond to reality and when we see our life unfolding before us and when we sit down and evaluate what we want from our future, Canberra is just the correct option for us. My husband and I were discussing and planning to migrate to Australia for a better future and to correspond and fulfill this dream we had consulted many consultants to guide us and who paved a path to decide what is paramount for us. We decided to go with ACT and this, perhaps, is just right for us. Australia is often touted to be the lucky country when it comes to education, career and even employment prospects, this country caters to all. Whether it is the standard of living or it is the hospitality the Aussies offer, it is par…show more content…
I am confident and looking forward to gain employment within Canberra.
Chennai is a growing city and has modernized itself as compared to its inception and similarly, Australia embraces an aboriginal past lined up with a majestic history matching up to the rationalized multicultural country that it is today, Canberra is the quintessence of Australia. This city has a broad-based feel in the air; the city has a friendly vibe and a very clean environment. It is a very calm and composed place where anyone would want to live and build their future. Just like India, I have been able to take pleasure in all the four seasons the nature has blessed us with and there are few places where there are just one or two seasons to witness and take pleasure in but fortunately, I’ll be able witness all the four seasons here in Canberra and take pleasure in the beauty of these seasons. I just hope that the ACT government finds me eligible to migrate to Canberra and build my future there.
When I visualize the atmosphere and the ambiance of Canberra with the perfumed air, the spring blooms that in the city and the city’s regional vineyards fascinate and appeal to me. You can wake up with the beautiful sun smiling at you and sleep in the brisk nights. You can see the wind flowers bloom and the season is exhilarating to witness. Followed by summers, Chennai generally has hot air and a warm temperature
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