It 's Always Room For A Story That Can Transport People

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“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place (“J.K. Rowling”)”. Joanne Rowling, known to most as J.K. Rowling, was born on July 31, 1965 into an unhappy childhood, with the exception for reading (“J.K. Rowling” Biography). As she grew, equipped with her creative mind from reading so much as a child, she always fanaticized about being a writer (“J.K. Rowling”). She attended the University of Exeter, and continued her love for reading and writing. However, Rowling faced challenges when she tried to publish her first book, finally a publisher accepted to publish it, and that was Bloomsbury (Bibel). Even so, Cunningham didn’t believe that her book was going to end up a bestseller, boy was he wrong (Bibel)! Her first series, Harry Potter, is a worldwide phenomenon that blew the world away with its creativity and relativity to it. Unfortunately, Rowling faced many difficult scenarios, such as poverty, stress, and family deaths, but all in all she made the most of it by putting it into her writing (Bibel). Rowling has many influences upon her writing, such as what she read when she was young, her struggles before her books were bestsellers, the death of her beloved mother, how a sport made her come up with a new one, and what she continues to write today have all influenced how, and what she writes about. The first major influence that Rowling had upon her writing is what she read when she was growing up in an unhappy childhood. Her two childhood

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