`` It 's Complicated ' : An Individual Experience Of Their Romantic, Long Term Relationship

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‘It’s complicated’: An Individuals experience of their romantic, long term relationship using Interpretative phenomenological Analysis (IPA) Myia Hewison University of Sunderland Psychological Research PSY 225 02/11/2014 Word count 2403 Abstract Robert Sternberg’s Triangular Love Theory (1997) suggests that love comprises of three components: intimacy, passion and commitment. Looking closely at the concept of commitment, Hazan and Shaver (1987) developed their theory on adult attachment suggesting that the emotional bond formed during a relationship is similar to that of the one a child has with a caregiver. The relationship with a caregiver therefore may influence an individual’s future relationships. However, research has…show more content…
However, experience within relationships differs greatly, some are intense and passionate others are intimate and caring. Sternberg’s Triangular Love Theory (1997) suggests that love has three different components: intimacy, passion and commitment; Intimacy in which two people share confidences and is highlighted through friendships and romantic love affairs, Passionate love described as infatuation as well as romantic love, and commitment the expectation that the relationship is permanent (Sternberg, 1997). Attachment theory (Hepper & Carnelley, 2012) provides a model which encapsulates developmental, social and cognitive psychology as well as incorporating individual differences to provide some insight into how relationships develop and continue to function. This may determine how individuals experience relationships in various ways. The relationship with the primary caregiver is the first relationship we have, and depending on the nature of that relationship will depend on how the individual views themselves. Mental representations known as internal working models are formed based on the kind of relationship the child has with the caregiver (Hepper & Carnelley, 2012). These working models allow the individual to understand themselves and the world around them, therefore the more secure the attachment the more secure the working model of self (Main, Kaplan & Cassidy, 1985). Hazan and Shaver (1987) looked at attachment
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