It 's Just A Regular Day

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It 's just another regular day, nothing truly interesting has happened for a little while, which is pretty disappointing but it gives me time to relax. I am getting a feeling that it 's not going to stay like this. Something will happen, hopefully soon, besides that I 'm just talking to Honey and Mori because Hikaru and Kaoru seemed busy, so I decided not to bother them now.

Bored, I put my elbow on the table and put my hand on my cheek to support my head.

"Where 's Tamaki-senpai? He should be here by now. I mean he 's the president of the club, he should be one of the first few people here." I asked and yawned.

"I don 't know, but do you want to eat cake with me to pass some time?" Honey suggested cheerfully. The twins glanced at me as
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"Huh? We are taking it seriously..." Hikaru stated.

"Yeah, we pulled off an all-nighter-" Kaoru countered.

"We have a website? I never knew..." I revealed.

"-in order to create this masterpiece, Haruhi 's composite photograph." Kaoru continued.

Immediately, Haruhi and Honey scrambled to the computer as Tamaki yelled at Hikaru and Kaoru. I looked at Tamaki raging to Hikaru and Kaoru and stifled a laugh then went to see the website. I have to admit, the picture looks good. Hikaru and Kaoru have some nice photoshopping skills. The picture is just Haruhi 's head on what it seems to be Tamaki 's body.

"Haru-chan, you are so cool!" Honey gushed while Haruhi freaks out, making me unconsciously giggle.

"It isn 't that bad, Haru-chan. It could be wors- What." I said, taking the mouse and scrolled down to check out the website, only to see another picture with both Haruhi and me being too close for comfort. Did I really have to be included? "Haruhi" was lifting my head upwards as "I" look away blushing. I 'll take a guess and say it 's one of the many pictures of the twins doing their "twincest" act.
"We did some extra photos too," Hikaru smirked, looking at the computer screen.

"There 's plenty of girls that are a fan of Haruhi and Sak-chan, so we decided to give them what they want," Kaoru explained, making an irk mark appear on my forehead.

"You guys are pretty good at photoshopping, but you guys could also be better. If you want, I could
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