It 's Kill A Mockingbird, By Harper Lee

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Ilham Abdulkadir Mrs. Rice ENG 2D 18 December 2014 It’s a Sin to Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird, is a story that takes place in the south of the U.S in the 1930’s during the time of the great depression when racism was at it’s highest. To kill a mockingbird is a story of destroyed innocence where the mockingbird is used to represent the idea of innocence. Harper Lee portrays the theme that it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird through Tom Robinson, Arthur Radley and Jeremy Atticus’ loss of innocence because they are symbolic mockingbirds. Firstly, Tom Robinson is a mockingbird because he is an innocent man convicted of raping a white woman due to the colour of his skin which in turn leads to the loss of his innocence. Atticus was able to make a good defense for Tom by stating the fact that the right side of Mayella’s face had suffered severe damage meaning that a person who was left handed most likely attacked her. He goes on to prove that Bob Ewell is left handed while Tom’s left hand is disfigured, “having taken the oath with the only good arm he possesses- his right hand” (Lee 273). Although all the evidence proved Tom to be innocent he was still convicted of being guilty, thus stripping him of his innocence. Furthermore, Tom was convicted of being guilty just because he was black and taking the word of a black man over that of a white man was unimaginable. The jury had already found Tom guilty even before the start of the trial because of the
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