It 's No Business Like A Fit Business

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There’s no business like a fit business. And by ‘fit’, I mean one with a healthy, profitable future on the horizon. More and more personal trainers are expanding their qualifications and service offerings and others looking to create their own PT empires. With the gamut of inspirational celebrity trainers on the media bandwagon and society’s focus on the importance of holistic health and wellbeing, the fitness industry can certainly be considered a lucrative career choice. WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS? Depending on your qualifications, there is a range of roles for personal trainers in fitness-based sectors including gyms, sports centres, community health organisations and open-space fitness arenas. Those who assist businesses to reach goals and objectives related to productivity and profitability may want to consider roles such as gym owners or fitness centre managers. And if you have personal training qualifications and are focussed on delivering programs to individual clients, consider freelance fitness consulting or running and/or owning your own PT business. LET’S TALK MONEY Earnings vary according to your role, qualifications and experience, however gym and fitness centre managers can earn between $45,000 and $56,000 a year. Personal trainers are a different story, particularly if they own and run a business themselves. Hourly rates for PT services can range from $18 to $61, however there’s much more to a PT’s earning capacity than just income. THE LOWDOWN ON COSTS
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