`` It 's Not About You `` By David Brooks Article

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The blossomed butterfly, finally freed from its lecture filled, finals stressing, late night partying, early morning madness cocoon, is ready to take on the world head on with so much energy and bravado. Its eagerness to make a mark in like, but expresses a conceited sense of entitlement, as though the world revolve around it. The butterfly or butterflies are the college graduates entering the workforce. They reveal their expectations on how their lives will be centered on finding themselves as they pursue individualized goals and fulfillment. These goals, however, are naturally unrealistic, In David Brooks article, “It’s Not About You”, he explains this discrepancy, on how college grads enter an unstable job market that will require them to forget self-fulfillment until they spend at least a decade finding their prominent role in life. Brian Williams article, “ Enough About You” correlates with Brook’s article. It illustrates how technology shows individuals what best interest and suits them. How the media exaggerates the success of others, making one want to emulate that success without facing the hardship of the journey to that success. Due to this, individuals such as college grads are wrapped in their own personal “bubbles” and will never achieve the true purpose of life. Initially, Technology has always plagued our society and had a strong relentless grip on our individual preferences. It only shows that which is tailored made to suit an individual. In Williams
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