It 's Not How Much Money You Make

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Throughout Chapter two, Author Kiyosaki elaborates the comprehension of “It’s not how much money you make. It’s how much you keep” (Kiyosaki 43). Throughout his various interactions with people, Kiyosaki is often presented with the repetitiveness of inquiries from individuals that desire a quick fix to land on the road to success. Becoming rich is clearly not enough the severity of attaining a financial intellect is bears profitable. He elaborates his logical thinking by highlighting the decline of the richest of business men and the commonality need of obtaining and applying a financial education. He begins by sharing with us a few of the common questions he receives from interested individuals that desire to know how to become rich. In his first example of the defining the importance of having a financial education, he shares with us the misfortune of nine of the richest businessmen (Kiyosakie 44). Although the reasoning for each for their drastic financial destitution may or may not appear apparent, it is rational to perceive that each of these men lacked a financial education to manage their assets and liabilities. As expressed by Kiyosaki when presented with the question, “Where do I start” (RDPD 45)? Establishing the fundamentals of your starting point is crucial for the longevity of your financial success. Concentrating and gathering for your start up prior to implementing your plan of action creates the foundation of an expected end. To understand that living a…
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