It 's Not My Job

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Mark D. Norton, the Author of “It’s Not My Job!” and creator of Norton Safety Services, has done a fantastic job exposing what it takes to provide Safety and Health in the workplace. As Mr. Norton articulated in the Introduction of his book, “Safety and Health in the workplace is a behavior of the entire company from the CEO down to the new hire who just started today. Over the progression of this paper, I will review this book and bring to light five key points or core elements that were imperative for the Author to get across to his readers. At the beginning of the paperback, Norton introduces a series thoughtful questions; “How would you define the term Safety? (Norton, 2009, p. 10) When it comes to safety, if it is not your job, then whose it? Who is responsible to ensure that the rules are followed? Better yet, who is responsible to ensure the rules are even established?” (Norton, 2009, p. 8) He goes on to enlighten that Safety and Health in the workplace is not about palpable objects or bottom lines on the balance sheet. Safety is a culture that needs to be developed and proactively maintained on a daily bases so that the people working for the institute are able to be safe from loss or injury. The principal attitude of the organization will undoubtedly triumph when determining whether an organization will cultivate a safe work environment or not. The first key point made is that Management, Leadership, and Employee involvement are all unconditionally essential for
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