It 's Not Quite A Mystery

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It 's not quite a mystery From the moment I saw you across the room, I was hooked by the color that sparkled in your eyes. Even to this day I can pinpoint that as the second I fell in love with you. But you didn 't know I existed, and I didn 't know how to make you see me. I 'm the one who 's insecure After all, how could a girl like you ever like someone of my characteristics? I don 't exactly excel at anything. I 'm just the girl in the corner, the one who exists only in the shadows of people 's memories. There 's no proof of it though, no photos, no conversations. Sometimes I think people question if I 'm real. You 're the one that makes believe But you, you 're an angel. A creation of the highest quality, the girl who people look at…show more content…
I never liked being vulnerable before this moment. When we 're both fighting just to stay, to stay alive Your gaze landed on my wrists, on scars from when I was too dumb to create the graveyard in a hidden place. The flash of pain across your face was like you were being struck by lightning: it came and left in an instant, but that single moment hurt so badly. You tugged at the ends of your sleeves, letting your hands be swallowed by the fabric as if they are too self conscious to be seen. But why would you be so afraid to show yourself to the world? You 're perfect.... A fragile state of mind Do you.... No... That I can 't quite survive The thought of you going through the same hell I am caused pain to rip through my body in a way that the razorblade 's kiss couldn 't recreate. I shook my head sadly and covered my scars with my hand, as if not being able to see them would make them disappear. You yanked your sleeves further, engulfing your fingertips in their safety before turning and running from the room. All eyes followed your escape, concerned at why their angel was falling. The only way out of here is the way I 've avoided for all my life I needed to find you. I didn 't know you at all, but the thought of you being in pain broke me in ways I knew only you would be able to fix. Your happiness... I wanted to hold you and yet I knew you probably wouldn 't want me to. I 'd always swore to stay away from feelings, because people only hurt me in the end but you,
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