It 's Not That Bad Essay

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“It’s Not That Bad” or “Snap out Of it” are the most ignorant and insensitive statements that anyone can make to a person who is depressed or suicidal. As for people who keep saying those words, why don’t they use them with people who suffer from another illness? It is obvious that no one considers depression as an illness, but it is indeed. Suicidal thoughts are the consequence of feeling like you can’t get over something in your life that is stopping you. Being hopeless about the future, may frequently lead to suicide as the best solution. In Lebanon, every three days, there is one person who kills himself and this is a situation that a top government health official describes as “frightening”. “Suicide does not diminish the person who carries it out, it diminishes the society, the state, the oppressive political, economic and social system in which the citizen lives,” said Wael Abu Faour, the public health minister. Every individual is unique and - with a different genetic structure and different life experiences - and thus everyone have various ways to deal with his problems. So what are the major causes of suicide, the purpose of human being and what does really make us hold on to life when we lose hope? People who have already tried to commit suicide have noted a very strange dichotomy but however a true one that they didn’t really mean to die as much as they wanted to stop living. Most of the reasons behind suicide attempts are not as

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