It 's Official Second Class Citizenship Goes Into Effect

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Two weeks ago, June 3rd, 2015, CBC News published an article with an title of “It’s official second class citizenship goes into effect.” Canadian government created a two tier citizenship system under the law of Bill C-24, which stipulated dual citizens and people who immigrants to Canada can have their citizenship take away while other Canadians who born in Canada cannot. The second-class citizens can be mainly classified into three cases: new immigrants, multi-citizenship holders and the citizens who were not born in Canada. Immigrants land in Canada with dreams and hopes, but the “General Social Survey 2009 shows that one-fifth of them face discrimination in various situation once they arrived.” Labeled people into first-level and second-level citizens was clearly against the human rights. The new immigrants law dividing people into different levels under the law that receive treatments was seen as very unfair and un-Canadian. My research question thus will argue the factors that contribute to people’s discrimination toward second-class citizens in Canada and I will operationalize the topic by observing both positive and negative influence of the society. In my research, I will compare the experiences of discrimination of second-class citizens and those of non-immigrants. By examining the two variables above, the essay will argue the elements by predicting the probability of facing discrimination based on the socio-economic and demographic characteristics of a person.
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