It 's The Middle Of Summer

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"We 're back!" Kashino said as both of them took of their shoes and hurried into the apartment. "Oh, Hanabasa, they 're back." Andou said as he peered around the corner. "Nice timing." Hanabasa said standing at the sink washing his hands. "What did you buy?" He asked. Ichigo smiled at him as she held up the bag. They set the bag on the table and unpacked the food. Some how Ichigo and Kashino had managed to buy tons of food that was all unrelated to one another in every way possible. "Um..." Andou and Hanabasa said staring down at the food. "This is?" Hoping to get a logical explaination from one of them for the messs pilled infront of them. "It was Amano 's idea." Kashino said. "She thought we could have nabe." They all stared at each other for a while. "But Maa-kun..." Andou started. "It 's the middle of summer." Everyone thought about that for a very long time. Ichigo looked at the two gaunt looking boys before them. "You can still have nabe in the middle of summer right? Theres no real rule against it." The three princes watched as their princess beemed with excitment. They had lost this battle. "Actually it could be a really good idea." Hanabasa said puting his finger to his forehead. "Who knows?" He said. "Alright then!" Ichigo said slamming her hands down on the table. "Bring out the kotatsu!" She announced as she took her battle stance. Everyones jaw dropped when they realized she was serious. "No, I think we 'll pass on that." All the boys said. "It would definitally…
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