It206 Wk4 Scenarios Essay

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Scenario I A business professional wants to use Microsoft® Excel® to organize data for the monthly expense report. He has never used Microsoft® Excel® and is inquiring about the functions that would support him with this task. General Approach Make sure I understand what the user intends to do and what version of Excel the customer is using. Challenges to situation The challenge in this situation is that the user wants to use a program that is new to him. I will have to explain to the user the basic functions of Excel to see if those functions match what the user wants to do. Strategies to overcome challenges I would speak to the customer very patiently and find out what information does the customer know about Excel. I would then…show more content…
Challenges The challenges would be to make sure the user understands how to average in excel, all the information are in the correct cells, and the correct equation is being entered. Strategies to overcome I will have to be patient while explaining to the user how to input the information into the cells. I will have to try to keep from frustrating the user because some steps may have to be repeated. Further diagnosis I will need to find out if the user has sample templates or a tutorial for visual aide available. Step by step 1. Have the user open up the Excel file 2. Walk the user through which information should be entered 3. Have the user go to TOOLS command on the menu bar and select options 4. Select the Zero values box 5. Check in the view tab that Zero value is checked 6. In the last row type =AVERAGE and the row of cells to be averaged or highlight the cells to be averaged and click Enter Alternate solution 1. I would email a template to the user if available for the user to see 2. I would refer the user to a tutorial or advise the user to seek help from a representative in an electronic store like Bestbuy or Circuit City. 3. Apologize for not being able to assist in resolving the issue and for the customer to have better help experience face to face Scenario III A local grocery store owner has created a spreadsheet containing the types of inventory she carries within the

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