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IT208 – Systems Analysis and Design 1 IT208 – Case Study Document Outline Title Page Abstract Table of Contents List of Figures List of Tables 1.0 Research Description (January 22, 2013) 1.1 Overview of the Current State of Technology 1.2 Problem Analysis of the Existing System 2.0 Research Objectives (January 29, 2013) 2.1 General Objective 2.2 Specific Objectives 3.0 Scope and Limitation of the Research (February 4, 2013) 4.0 Research Methodology (February 4, 2013) 5.0 The System (included in the list of tables & figures) 5.1 System Overview (February 12, 2013) 5.2 System Objectives (February 12, 2013) 5.2.1 General Objective 5.2.2 Specific Objectives 5.3 System Functions (February 19, 2013) 5.4 System Scope and Limitations (February…show more content…
They passed a board resolution empowering VC to implement the following changes: VC can now rent, buy and get on consignment basis video material from external sources. VC members can only rent a maximum of 10 video units and these must be returned within 7 days. VC can now suspend members who exceed these limits. Also passed is the imposition of penalties, 5 pesos/day, for video materials returned late. VC has hired the services of Your Software Company to develop their computerized Video Monitoring System. VC Video Monitoring System Requirements Reports required: ∑ List of Suspended Members (weekly) ∑ Video Material Movement By Title ∑ Video Material Movement By Media ∑ Video Material Movement By Type ∑ Video Quality (B or worst) ∑ External Video Sources Monitoring Report Inquiries: ∑ same as current plus: ∑ By Type (Adventure, Drama, etc...) ∑ By Classification (GP, R, etc...) ∑ By Member on video loaned/reserved/requested for return ∑ By Video Source on video rented/on consignment New Forms: ∑ Reservation Slip ∑ Request for External Procurement ∑ Video Receiving Slip ∑ Request for Proposal on

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