It240 Appendix F Essay

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Associate Level Material Appendix F Vocabulary Table Define five of the key terms listed in the Vocabulary Table. |Term |Definition | |Windows |Whichever of several microcomputer operating systems or environments presenting a| | |graphical user interface | |Processor |A piece of a computer, such as the central processing unit, that preforms | | |calculations or other…show more content…
| |Windows manager |is system software that controls the placement and appearance of windows within a| | |windowing system in a graphical user interface. | |Object manager |is a subsystem implemented as part of the Windows Executive which manages Windows| | |resources | |Device driver |In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing | | |higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device. | |FAT |is a computer file system architecture now widely used on many computer systems | | |and most memory cards, such as those used with digital camera | |FAT32 |In order to overcome

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